Experience & Experiment

I'm an independent artist, illustrator & designer.

I envision, develop and execute ideas for various clients around the globe.

During the past decade I gained experience creating visual work, design and art for brands like Google, Apple, Nike, Sony, Polaroid, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Johnnie Walker, Squarespace, Disney and many more companies, agencies or studios. I do projects ranging from key art for brands, through interactive, advertising, animation or branding materials, and other things visual.

My work has been featured in a number of printed and digital publications, such as Taschen “Illustration Now 3” book, Springer “Digital Da Vinci” book, Saatchi Gallery, Collossal, Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine,  Juxtapoz, Hypebeast, IdN Magazine, Beautiful Decay, Adweek Talent 100 (2012) and so on.

Recent talks include TEDxPSU, OFFF by Night Antwerp, Noroo International Color Trend show 2017.

Creative Services

I believe in my talent holistically. I do:

Illustration        Graphic Design        Art Direction        Creative Retouching        Branding        Concept Develpoment        3D Design        Photography        Digital Design        Typography

Get in touch and find out more about my work.

Would you like to collaborate? Let's do it!

I would like to hear from you and discuss suitable projects.
Image licensing is available for selected works.

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